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Welcome to OKLoveU

Dedicated to assisting you on your journey to self-love through healing, motivation, encouragement, and self-care.


About OKLoveU

We all experience moments of doubt, call ourselves names, want to improve ourselves in some way, or regret choices we have made. Some of us may have lost ourselves in career, family, or other roles in our lives. Some may be on an initial path of self-discovery. OKLoveU is here to assist you learn or rediscover how to love you. After all, who will love you better than you?

First Aid

OkLoveU Phoenix

A Phoenix regenerates and rises from the ashes, symbolizing rebirth. What are you rising from: toxic relationships, low or no self-esteem, inability to "find yourself", rape, domestic violence, life events, or are you just discovering who you are. Its ok. Start healing and loving yourself. You are rising from the ashes of the old you. Who you were told you were, who you pretended to be, and now only you define who you will be. You determine where your journey leads and you will either be your biggest asset or obstacle. Rise Phoenix, you are beautiful. Let that resonate within you. It's ok, we are here to help you learn to love you.


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